Let's Talk Feasibilty

Lake Carolyn ariel

Why should you do a Feasibility Study?

Developers, brokers and potential tenants can use a feasibility study to determine the practicality of a proposed project before committing to it. A feasibility study requires a minimal investment and will quickly tell you if your land will be able to suit your needs. The long and tiring search to find the perfect location for your development could be useless if the land can’t accommodate your business.

What's Included?

A feasibility study will provide a full analysis on what the prospective land can provide for you and the best way to utilize the space. They can uncover potential deal-killers such as zoning issues, traffic impact analyses, utility infrastructure costs, etc. While most of our test fits go on to become a part of the “conceptual design package” on a successfully completed project, those that don’t are still very useful in the continued search for the right fit.

Let's Talk

This preliminary study of a new building location can quickly reveal if the space is appropriate, or if it will be a costly mistake to proceed.  In these circumstances, it is wise to make sure the architect doing the study is a professional familiar with the unique concerns and requirements for your business. REES has been in the architecture business for more than 40 years and we have performed hundreds of feasibility studies and test fits for our clients in that time. We are committed to quality design and client service and are ready to design the perfect solution to meet your needs.