Multifamily Amenities to Include in 2017

Amenities for 2017
For a multifamily development, the right amenities can make all the difference. When well designed, they become added incentives to those looking for a new community to call home. Some, like an on-site dry cleaner drop-off and pickup, don’t require any specific room or space. Others, like a media room, need to be included in the initial design. Here are a few amenities you should consider including in your next development.
Wellness Center
For 2017, look to expand your Fitness Center by including a dedicated space for interactive classes to create a Wellness Center. A study done by proved that fitness classes emerged as the most in-demand amenity, with 46% of renters willing to pay extra for them. Group workouts like yoga and Pilates have become more popular over the years and could help your complex stand out, it can also act as an additional source of revenue. We are seeing this trend among our clients as well, a new project we’re working on in Cypress, TX, is including a Wellness Center to appeal to residents with an active lifestyle.
Event Rooms
A problem that plagues apartment renters is not having enough space to host events. Whether it’s a Super Bowl watch party or Thanksgiving dinner, many apartments simply don’t have the space. Many communities now offer over-sized living rooms that residents can rent out but we are seeing a growing need for different types of event rooms. A client I worked with in Dallas wanted to have a space available for business meetings due to the rising popularity of telecommuting. During business hours, residents who work from home have the ability to host business meetings in the conference room. At night, the conference table doubles as a large dining room table to accommodate private dinner parties and family events. Spaces like these really appeal to prospective residents and can be an additional source of income.  
Community Gardens and Centralized Court Yards
Community gardens are also on the rise. Not only do they promote social interactions among residents, they are also aesthetically pleasing and found they can even increase property values and increases resident retention. If a community garden doesn’t work for your community, then consider enhancing your other outdoor areas. For our client in Tennessee, we dedicated an acre to a central park to give residents a place to enjoy the outdoors and a pleasant view from their apartments.  
The Right Amenities to Attract and Retain
Understanding the demographics of your community can help determine the right amenities to attract and retain residents. Check your local market to see what you’re up against. Go visit communities with the amenities you’re interested in incorporating into your own. As your architectural partner, REES is here to help. We can help find which amenities and designs will work best for your community.