Project Profile - Cardiovascular Health Clinic

The Cardiovascular Health Clinic located in Oklahoma City is slightly different from your average Cardiology Clinic. The project, designed by REES, is “office based” meaning it is within an office building and not a hospital or larger healthcare building. 

Kathy Potts, ASHE, LEED AP for this project explains, “This procedure center is unique because a patient can come in for a standard wellness check, receive diagnostic imaging or receive a pacemaker. The entire suite was designed to meet Ambulatory Surgery Center regulations to offer as many services to their patients as possible. This is beneficial for both the Clinic and its patients because they don’t have to visit a hospital for smaller procedures” says Kathy.

The clinic was designed to make the patient and family feel at home, calm and comfortable about the procedure or testing they are having. REES worked to create a homey space for the Cardiology Clinic. Throughout the Clinic we used high end finishes to emulate a warm prairie style living area. The wall protection system we used, Koroseal, emulates wood paneling and helps make the space feel less clinical and more comfortable. Eight oversized private patient prep and recovery rooms were created along with three ultrasound rooms. When designing these spaces our team wanted to be sure that the procedure rooms were set up to be as large as possible so that the staff and patients wouldn’t feel cramped or crowded. The Cath Lab is more than 815 square feet and the Operating Room is over 500 square feet. A nuclear medicine room was built in their own dedicated hallway in order to keep the exam rooms and the diagnostic rooms separate.

About the Clinic

From early prevention to diagnosis and treatment, Cardiovascular Health Clinic provides exceptional heart and vascular disease care for patients throughout Oklahoma. Services include initial cardiac and vascular wellness checks, screening

for heart and vascular conditions, imaging studies for structural heart and vascular disease, heart rhythm testing and pacemaker management, as well as cholesterol lab testing. Utilizing state-of-the-art cardiac diagnostic tools, Advanced Cardiovascular Solutions performs at the leading edge of all available cardiovascular care with a personal, patient-focused approach. Services include angiographic and intravascular ultrasound diagnostic imaging of all arterial and venous systems in addition to heart artery imaging tests, peripheral vascular intervention with atherectomy, laser atherectomy, stenting, heart artery interventions and pacemaker implantations. These services are provided by physicians and surgeons with a combined 45 years of expertise in their fields, with an experienced team of nurses and technicians. To learn more about the clinic and their services, visit their website here.