How the 2018 International Code Council Could Affect Your Senior Living Project

MacArthur Hills - Townhomes

Every three years, the International Code Council (ICC) publishes extensive updates to their building codes. The latest building code updates were released this year and include many changes to the 2015 building codes. You may be asking; will these changes affect me? If so, what are they? Our senior living group dives into each of those questions separately.

Will the 2018 changes affect my current project?
We created the flowchart above to help you gauge where your project stands in relation to the most recent code updates. If you find that your project won’t be affected, that’s good news. However, future projects may be affected. Some cities like San Antonio have already adopted the 2018 ICC codes meaning future projects will need to comply. If you do find your project will be affected according to the flowchart, then let's talk about what to expect in these new changes.

How will these changes affect my future project?
A few changes we found in the 2018 ICC that will affect future senior living projects include:

  • •  Elevator hoist ways that open onto a fire-rated corridor are now required to have a smoke control system in place.
  • •  Country kitchens, also called serveries, can be open to the corridor in I-2 occupancies provided certain conditions are met. 
  • •  Single-use restrooms are not required to designate a male or female use.
  • •  Elevator hoist ways that open onto a fire-rated corridor are now required to have a smoke control system in place.
  • •  Accessory storage spaces carry the same classification use as the spaces they serve.
  • •  Assisted living is now classified as a residential occupancy:
    • -  R-3 - 5 or less residents
    • -  R-4 - 6-16 residents
    • -  I-1 - More than 16 residents
  • •  Townhouse or duplex separation provisions now include the option for two separate walls or one common wall.
It’s important we emphasize there are many other changes included in the 2018 ICC and this list highlights only a few. As the building code continues to develop and evolve over time, it is important that you have an expert team that can guide you through the building process. REES is equipped with the knowledge and experience to ensure your present and future projects comply with the 2018 building codes.