REES Continues Tradition with Hearts and Hammers

Each year, REES looks forward to volunteering with Hearts & Hammers to help their community. Hearts & Hammers is a non-profit organization that refurbishes homes owned by low income citizens in Dallas. REES employees, families, and friends have a history, dating back to 1993, of outreach with this organization.

We worked to refurbish a home in a historic Dallas neighborhood. The property was once a neighborhood pharmacy but is now a residence. The first weekend, our staff focused on yard work. Trash and other debris were removed from the property. The brickwork was powerwashed to prepare for a new coat of paint. 

The following weekend three damaged exterior doors were replaced. The brick and siding were given a complete facelift with a new color scheme. Woodwork along the front of the property were replaced and painted. KPMG and Perkins+Will worked with REES to care for this home.