Schusterman Clinic Research Building at The University of Oklahoma

The Schusterman Clinical Research Building is the first major construction project on the Tulsa-based campus since its acquisition. The building and parking structure are compatible with the existing character of campus, while incorporating architectural references to the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman. The facility contains 128,000 square feet of clinical and research space for the University of Oklahoma's College of Medicine - Tulsa. The building is designed to accommodate various disciplines including community outreach programs for psychiatric and chronically ill patients. Additional patient services include a Pharmacy, Imaging and Lab. To accommodate the large families of many patients in treatment, each department is broken into "patient pods" with dedicated spaces including waiting, nurse stations, exam, consultation/education and support services.

“Rees Associates provided us with a wonderful balance of expertise and custom consultation well-geared to our specific needs. I was also very impressed with your ability to consider all stakeholders needs and produce a well thought-out facility design.” - Gerard P. Clancy, M.D., President, OU-Tulsa College of Medicine

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