Earl A. Davis Correctional Facility

Completed on an accelerated schedule of 16 months, the new Earl A. Davis Correctional Facility was designed to meet the needs of 1,000 inmates and allow for direct supervision of inmates by corrections staff. The prison is surrounded by an elaborate set of parallel fences topped with razor wire. Additional razor wire is placed between the fences. A ring road outside the main fence will be used for patrolling the prison perimeter and high tower light masts will illuminate the prison buildings and yard.

 Covering nearly an acre and a half of land, the ancillary building has a series of primary pedestrian corridors that provide direct passage to the variety of spaces within the building. The ancillary building is the core building that serves all the daily needs of the facility: food service, laundry, medical, visitation, programming space and administrative management spaces. Master control, located at the heart of the building, controls all access into and egress from the prison.


American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Justice (CAJ), Justice Facility Review, 1998-1999

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