From Dated to Delightful: A Houston Senior Living Community Remodel [Before and Afters Included]

The Houston-Galveston Area Council forecasts the number of people 65 years and older in the Houston area will more than double, reaching almost to 18% of the population by 2040. Houston, already the fourth largest city in the nation and growing, is preparing for the growing population of seniors. As a result, competition is strong.

REES partnered with our client to rejuvenate their community to offer a better position in the competitive marketplace. With the community redesign, the community’s management team wanted to retain current residents and attract the next generation of seniors as well as their families. Our design team improved lighting throughout the project, redirected wayfinding on the community’s residential floors and revitalized the wellness space.

Perfecting Elevator Lobbies

REES refreshed all features in the community’s numerous elevator lobbies to reflect a modern ambiance. Each floor offers a different color scheme and unique artwork, creating a new wayfinding element for residents and visitors. Custom cubed lighting acts as a consistent element across all floors.

Our team utilized the large bay windows to invite natural light and stunning views of the Houston skyline into the building. Curtain sheers that once cluttered the elevator lobbies were removed. Varied contemporary seating was installed to convey the new modern style.

Illuminating the Gateway to Resident Spaces

One of the challenges the community faced was the need for improved lighting on their eight resident floors. REES installed custom cube lights to create a modern design while brightening the space. Walls in the community’s corridors were painted with brighter neutral tones to complement the new lighting.

Seating and new handrails offer support when navigating the elongated hallways. Resident room entryways were painted in an accent color and individual wall sconces were installed at each apartment to add a home-like element.

Sculpting a New Approach to Amenity Spaces 

Our design team chose an upscale spa approach in redesigning existing changing rooms. A modern backsplash and back-lit mirrors were installed. The frosted swinging doors are stylish and bright without sacrificing privacy.

REES also designed a new lighting system for the vaulted ceilings above the community's pool. A fresh coat of paint brightened the space and helped draw natural light further into the room. Elimination of oversized column wraps also helped create a more open space.

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