Before and After: A Refresh of a Vibrant Senior Living Commons Area

The Premier Residences of Dallas is an independent living community with a local reputation as the mecca for upbeat, artsy seniors. Premier Residences are Five Star Quality Care's high-end brand. Our client needed their community's amenity area to reflect the vibrant lifestyles of their residents. REES successfully renovated the ten-story atrium with a contemporary aura adding amenities to the community that was lacking collaborative spaces. Before and after images are located below.

"REES did an exceptional redesign of our 10–story high rise retirement living community in Dallas. The design is elegant and very beautiful. My residents are proud to bring their friends and families to their newly redesigned home. The designers and the architect have been very involved with every detail. I was very impressed with the extra communication and the willingness to the community and go over changes that may be needed.” Marion Heard, Executive Director of Premier Residences of Dallas

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

REES recognized the sensitivity in designing a modern environment that appealed to prospective residents while staying true to the the upscale charm that attracted current residents. Challenges included completing the renovation around a fully-functioning community, on a limited budget and during a busy real estate cycle.

An oversized water fountain, which was a reoccurring maintenance problem, demarcated the lobby into two halves. REES removed the fountain to enlarge the available space and add seating for social gatherings.

The updated atrium and frieze radiates natural light from skylights soaring ten stories tall to the lobby floor.

Adding & Amplifying Amenities

A metal canopy covered the library, which was added in a previous renovation. REES removed the enclosure to incorporate a bistro featuring a library and business center. The integration of the bistro into the library created an additional dining option for residents. The bistro and full bar will be open with hours extending later than the community dining room.

Changes were also made to other amenities throughout the community. Due to popularity of the salon and arts and crafts room, REES redesigned both rooms to amplify and improve the functionality of both spaces. The restaurant-style dining room was upgraded with acoustic sheer drapes that reduces sound during peak times. Decorative lighting, carpet and furniture were replaced to evoke a mood of elegance.

Establishing Lasting Relationships

The Premier Residences of Dallas' new space not only satisfies their existing guests but has also boosted appeal for prospective residents and their families. REES achieved the complete renovation for only $32 per square foot.

Five Star Quality Care has collaborated with REES on over 20 architecture and design projects spanning over the past decade.

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