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Beyond Business Architecture Technology - FACILITY BUSINESS PLAN®

Every building begins with questions. You want to present your vision but feel it isn’t clear.

Too many questions remain unanswered.

  • What form should it take?
  • How big does it need to be, how long will it meet your needs, and how much should it cost?
  • Are you best served by an expansion, a renovation or a new construction?
  • What objectives can you expect it to achieve?
  • Will you realize a return on your investment and if so, when?

Determining what you need

The FACILITY BUSINESS PLAN® is a proprietary process developed by REES which normally takes 8-12 weeks. Through a series of joint planning sessions and stakeholder interviews, we define all of the major aspects of the facility you have in mind. Along the way you arrive at a shared vision and get buy-in, so that you and senior management can move forward with clear-cut goals and reasonable expectations.

The big picture

  • The process begins by talking not about buildings, but about your needs.
  • The business or organizational issues driving development
  • The criteria that will determine business success
  • The type of functionality expected now, in five and then ten years
  • The aspects of your business that are in flux, and their impact
  • The functions of your organization that a new facility could support
  • Its ‘life expectancy’ and the type of return it can generate

In short, we explore what it will take for your project to be successful from both a business and an organizational perspective

Next the Details

After we have defined your needs, we begin to get into the details. Do you need expansion, a renovation or a new building? What municipal or industry codes need to be taken into consideration? Who are the team leaders and stakeholders? A number of details must be decided, and the FACILITY BUSINESS PLAN® can help you resolve them.

Things Take Shape

Now REES generates a preliminary facility plan that demonstrates how to achieve your objectives without overlooking the smallest of details.

Next are initial concepts; not architectural blueprints, but schematics and flow charts indicating how various departments or components of your facility relate and work with one another. At this stage the process is still fluid, so stakeholders can get involved to help find the best solution.

Your Final Vision

The outcome: REES’ findings and recommendations are delivered in a comprehensive report that covers every aspect of your project and answers nearly every question your senior management, board members and financial institutions could ask. Instead of a hazy, undefined view, you now see what form your facility will take, how much it should cost and what it will accomplish. And stakeholders agree. You know exactly where you’re going, and the report is your roadmap of how to get there.

Is it right for you?

We feel the FACILITY BUSINESS PLAN® provides a tremendous advantage to our clients. It can help you save time, money and headaches by expediting the preliminary stages of development and assuring you that your facility will align with your objectives.

To learn how you could benefit from this powerful process, contact REES. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation.

“The FACILITY BUSINESS PLAN® allowed us to start from some very basic needs in terms of expected growth of services, and develop a variety of possibilities for solving the space needs and improving operational efficiencies.” – John Ellis, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Is the FACILITY BUSINESS PLAN® right for you?

Contact us today to find out more about the process, the pricing, and whether or not it’s right for your next project.