• Corporate Lobby

Lobby Redesign for Fortune 100 Information Technology Company

A Fortune 100 Information Technology client asked REES to redesign the primary lobby for their largest U.S. campus. REES took a space that had previously functioned primarily as security check point and turned it into a marquee entrance to the facility. By removing a staircase and shifting the reception desk to the side of the space, REES was able to create a welcoming gathering space for guests and employees.

This arrangement shifted the focal point of the space to branded elements and created the feel of stepping into a major hub of an international brand. The use of natural materials such as walnut and limestone act as a counterpoint to the glass and metal in the space. The LED lighting accents the natural light that streams in from the glass entry. Our client is already seeing the positive impression the new lobby is creating. Groups and individuals can often be seen taking their photo in the new space as a memento of their experience.

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