• Chickasaw Nation Industries Data Center

Chickasaw Nation Industries Data Center

The CNI Data Center is a 24,000 square foot, two story Tier III (Plus), concurrently maintainable facility designed to withstand an F3 tornado while maintaining 99.995% uninterrupted power for the life of the facility. The facility will use the latest “Green” techniques in the data center design to provide over 400 Watts per square foot of power to its users.

Highly reliable rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply/Conditioned Power Supply systems will provide power to all computer and infrastructure equipment within the facility. These systems eliminate the use of lead-acid batteries and static UPS systems. The rotary UPS/CPS systems are cooled by filtered outside air instead of hundreds of tons of air conditioning needed for static systems. The CPS/UPS systems take about half the space of static UPS systems conserving land and building materials.

Electrical distribution within the data center will be at medium voltage (the same as the utility company’s distribution voltage) eliminating one level of voltage transformation, saving about 15% total energy, while using less copper and providing greater reliability by using fewer components.

This facility will be one of the most advanced facilities, built at a lower cost, using less material, occupying less space, and operating on less energy than similar facilities being built today.

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